Hi, I’m Catriona, thank you for visiting my blog!

I’ve spent a long time deliberating over whether to start a blog or not but I’ve finally decided to take the plunge! I love writing and I think my head might explode if I don’t get back to it.

My husband, Nick, and I became a family of three in 2015 when we welcomed our daughter Newman. Since starting our little family life has changed a lot, massive understatement, and I have come to discover I am relearning who I am. I love lots of the things that I know I am; I am Mummy to my daughter and I am wife to my husband but its time to discover more and I hope to use this space to explore all of that. I’m developing an interest in women’s health and I am increasingly passionate about seeing a world where my daughter is safe, feels safe and is able to explore, feel confident and continue her love of reading and learning.

I’d love you join me on this journey, it really could take us anywhere!