Sweet, Sweet Loving

Last year January seemed to last forever, this year it is flying by and Valentines Day is less than a month away. It can be a mixed occasion on the one hand so much tat but on the other it’s a nice reminder to share the love and I love that many now celebrate Galantines, or similar, instead making it a day for everyone. We don’t really do cards, hearts or fancy dinners at Valentines, we are much more of a quiet evening and cook a nice dinner at home couple. So when I arrived at the Gourmet Brownie Valentines launch event I was delighted to hear their focus, as always, was still on creating incredibly delicious brownies that make the perfect gift, with just a tasteful nod to the romance of Valentines and there’s even one for the vegan in your life.


The evening was a beautiful introduction to the Gourmet Brownie Valentines range and it was so nice to get to know Kirstyn and Andrew, the couple behind the company, better. They are a company with passion and a big heart and, like me, they are incredibly passionate about supporting small and independent businesses so they had collaborated with other small businesses to bring us an exquisite event. The flowers were from Farm Flowers and they were just stunning, from each individual place setting to the centre pieces. We also had the lovely Ely Gin team making cocktails and our invite had been designed by AVTypography not to mention our venue was Poets House hotel. Apparently the hotel has wonderful baths and given it was a chilly evening I would have quite liked a bath, I’ll have to go back! After much discussion about bathrooms and eucalyptus on the evening I have now popped some in my bathroom, it was a top tip, the big roll top bath will have to wait!


I had previously tried the Nuts About You brownie by Gourmet Brownie and it is an absolute knock out. If you have a loved one that is a Snickers fan then this is the brownie for them, it is like a Snickers but better, so much better! You don’t even have to take my word for it as they were definitely the ones that disappeared the fastest on the night. For Valentines you can get an extra large one that has been styled with the words ‘Nuts about you’ especially for Valentines day. It doesn’t end there though, they have created a truly exquisite raspberry gin brownie which is like a truffle in a brownie and there’s no doubt about there being gin in there but in the best way as the raspberry and chocolate go so well with it. I also really loved the Rasberry and Rose flavour, I’m very partial to the delicate flavour of rose in cakes and tea so this was right up my street.


I loved decorating the brownies at the launch event, it took me back to my cake decorating days. We had apple slices that looked like water colours, mini meringues, edible glitter and so much more so if you’re feeling creative you could always decorate some at home. For Valentine’s my husband knows a box of champagne truffles will always go down well but this year I think I’ll be hoping for a Nuts About You and a Raspberry Gin Extreme! Decadent I know but I’m feeling the love!


Gourmet Brownie were kind enough to share an exclusive discount code with me for you, my lovely readers, just use the code VAL19 to get 15% off all Gourmet Brownie orders between the 25th and 11th February 2019. The Valentines range goes on sale on today and will include Raspberry and Rose, Raspberry Delight, Raspberry and Pistachio, Raspberry Gin Extreme, ‘Nuts About You’ and the Vegan Coconut and Raspberry. It was an absolute honour to attend this event and if you have any questions get in touch, I did try every brownie after all as they gave us a very generous goody bag. I was kindly gifted these but all opinions are my own.



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