Baby Favourites 0-3 months

It’s been an exciting few months in our house as we have been busy relearning life and getting used to being a family of four. I have been enjoying the change of pace and getting to know our new little one but also knew I would be keen to get back to blogging when I could. Today I thought I’d dip my toe in the water with a round up of some of our favourite baby items that have been a blessing and a pleasure to use so far in the early months. We have discovered some wonderful small and independent businesses and I’m sure this round up will be handy for any new mums to be or anyone with a baby shower round the corner.


First up has to be the incredible Beautiful Baby Box which is a luxury subscription box lovingly packed with treats for Mum and Baby. Charlotte who owns and runs Beautiful Baby Box not only has exquisite taste but also had a beautiful baby girl this year so she really knows her stuff. My box arrived before we knew if we were having a girl or a boy and was positively perfect, I genuinely couldn’t believe how many gorgeous things it contained, more than I could include in one photo so do check out her Instagram feed.


My favourite items from our box have to be the Little Art Collection muslin which is not only beautiful but incredibly soft and I am still enjoying the delicious Darjeeling and Tea Rose candle from The Botanical Candle Co while our daughter is just starting to get her grip on the sheep! The boxes are tailored to you and your baby and can be bought as a one off or as a subscription, so much love and attention goes into these boxes they really do make the ideal gift or a super self care package to yourself and your little one! They also make handy memory boxes afterwards too.


Next up are our bath time favourites. We had a huge baby bath first time around and got rid of it so I was on the hunt for something a bit more compact this time. I stumbled across the amazing Shnuggle bath and quickly scrolled through reviews before ordering one and we haven’t been disappointed. Our first bath time experience with our eldest was the typical screaming chaos but this time round our youngest took to bath time happily and it is now a favourite part of the day for us as she is supported to sit, splash and watch her sister. My youngest can have her own water temperature but can be in the tub at the same time as my eldest who enjoys helping at bath time. One word of caution though, while the seated position is great for so many reasons it also puts them in the ideal pooping position so just be aware, it’s only happened to us twice!IMG_3697

We’re also loving the Colour Me bath book which goes from black and white pictures to ‘painted’ pictures when placed in the water, its fun for both my girls and is much loved. The pictures are fun, clear and definitely fascinating for a newborn, the way it changes colour is fun for everyone really! Finally, we got the Kokoso bath sponge as we wanted something that would be gentle and natural but also clean our little one. We’ve been really impressed, it feels hard when dry but goes wonderfully soft in the water and is perfect for chucking in a wash bag when we go away. My daughter now giggles when we get it out to wash her with it so I’m pretty sure she loves it.


If you’re looking for a lovely way to announce your baby’s arrival then head straight over to Bear and Rue for these lovely wooden discs. You can get them personalised with names or use them for milestone pictures and they are hand painted on both sides. As we were having a surprise I wasn’t able to get one in time for an announcement from the hospital but I think its an especially lovely idea if you know what you will call your baby before they arrive. We used ours at home and it is decorating the nursery now.


Finally can you get through a day with a newborn without nappies, muslins or a change of clothes?! Of course not so here are some of my favourites in those departments. The Musthud muslins are just beautiful and come in a range of sizes and gorgeous colours, I have been in a real purple and mauve phase this time round and absolutely loved this shade, its one of my favourites for trips out as my little one could lay down on it or be wrapped up in it.


For outfits I decided to try a new brand, Newbie, and also picked up a beautiful outfit from M&S because they are such great quality. I loved all the pieces from Newbie, the quality was great and the style and colours made a real change from what you tend to see, they were affordable and stylish. I always think you can never go wrong with baby clothes from M&S, they are so beautiful, wash well and survive all the things a baby can put them through! Nappies wise we tried out Kit and Kin because I wasn’t quite ready to put our reusable stash straight into use after the csection and they are great if you’re concerned about the effect nappies have on the environment. They are dedicated to producing sustainable nappies which are made from plant based materials, not only that they are cruelty free, hypoallergenic and come in super cute animal prints.


I’ve genuinely loved all of these products so if you have any questions about them please do comment below or get in touch. I’ll be keeping this list handy for Christmas presents and baby showers myself.

All products mentioned in this blog were bought and paid for by ourselves. This blog includes some affiliate links, please see my disclaimer for more info.


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