Party Perfection

Prepare yourselves for the answer to your children’s party prayers and keep reading for an exclusive limited time discount.

Those that know me well will know I love to plan parties and get togethers from surprise birthday parties to Harry Potter dinner parties and Prohibition tea parties. Our daughter turned two this year and I threw myself into the Winnie the Pooh theme, hunting out invites, painting a hundred acre wood sign, making bee hives and picking out the party ware. I loved it and it was great seeing it all come together but it was time consuming and I know that this can be a nightmare for many parents.  We could all do with an easy way to plan the perfect, beautifully styled party at short notice right?! Luckily I happen to know one of the two masterminds behind the genius party styling company, Blossom and Bow, who launched this year and who offer a range of fantastic solutions.

Blossom and Bow, product photography.
Blossom and Bow photography.

I met Rachel on the wedding fair circuit when I was running my former business as a vintage party stylist and cake maker and Rachel was designing exquisite hand drawn stationery and artwork. I loved her work so much I have one of her drawings at home. So I was super excited when I heard she had teamed up with her sister, Jessica, to provide kids party supply solutions that are the answer to so many parents prayers. You can step away from Pinterest for a moment because these guys will make your party look like it was made to be Instagramed and have guests believing you hired a party planner while you can sit back and relax.

Blossom and Bow provide three flexible ways to shop which is the first thing I love about their approach, firstly ready made ‘party in a box’ sets, then mini party kits and finally build your own party kit. They second thing I love is that they have hand picked the best suppliers to provide beautiful party ware for a range of themes including Superkids, Once Upon A Time, Ahoy There and my favourite the Jurassic party with more themes coming soon. If you’re looking for a Christmas party with a twist or a full blown Frozen style party then look no further than their As Cold As Ice party box.

Blossom and Bow, product photography.
Blossom and Bow, photography.

Blossom and Bow, product photography.

I’m thrilled to offer my readers and followers a limited time discount code for Blossom and Bow so you can get your parties sorted stress free. Just use the code CAT15 from now until the 17th of November 2017 to get a 15% discount.

Blossom and Bow, product photography.
Blossom and Bow photography.



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