Travel Entertainment For 2 Year Olds

It’s holiday season, hurray! First you have to get there though and doing so with children can be a whole new kind of adventure. We are fairly well travelled having taken on several adventures as a couple over the years but we are having to relearn everything when it comes to traveling as a family. It’s a challenge I’m happy to take on because I think travel can be fantastic for children.


We were almost convinced that our travelling and exploring days were over when we first had our daughter, the amount of kit needed to keep a small person alive and happy seemed like a huge barrier in itself never mind getting on to a boat or a plane! Then we flew to Texas with our almost one year old and….survived! In fact it made us feel like we could take on the world again.

I am quickly learning that the key factors to happy family travelling are nourishment, entertainment and perhaps most importantly knowing where the nearest loos are! So today I thought I would share a couple things we took on holiday that kept our little person happy, entertained and engaged.

First up is the Usborne Airport First Sticker Book which has pages for each part of the airport, arriving, checking in, security, departures, in the air etc. The sticker pages pull out so there is no flicking back and forth and you can let your child focus on the stickers they need for the page they are looking at rather than ending up with all the stickers on one page. Our daughter loved it and we felt it was a fantastic way for her to engage in what was happening and ask questions about what we were doing. Flying short haul meant we had pages left to do on the return flight too, winner!

Secondly I discovered these Galt water magic colouring books, the little pen is much like an Aquadoodle pen and just needs filling up when you need to use it, just make sure its empty when going through security. When the water hits the page it reveals hidden pictures in colour which is great fun for little ones and once is has dried is ready to be used again, and again, and again which makes it great value and a relatively safe ‘no mess’ option for all kinds of journeys.

We are keen to get out and explore more so I’d love to hear your ideas and recommendations for fun ways to keep children happy and learning while travelling. A final big thanks to our 19 year old inflatable croccy who did a great job too!

Important side note: I bought these myself, all opinions are my own and I have not used affiliate links.



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