Time out with Mum – Skin that Blossoms


As a full time Mum, or whatever you call it, I am quickly becoming a firm believer in the saying ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’. Everyone needs a break and time out in order to be able to function day to day. I didn’t stop being me when I became a Mum, being a Mum is like a huge extension of who I am right?! So, when I heard about the Origin’s Skin that Blossoms event in Cambridge I booked my Mum and I straight in, what better way to indulge in some me time right before Mother’s Day?!


We were blessed with a beautifully sunny afternoon so my Dad whisked my daughter off to the park while we headed to the Origins store tucked away in the lovely Rose Crescent. Being a fan of some of their neighbours, Jo Malone, JoJo Maman Bebe and Neal’s Yard, I couldn’t believe I had never popped into Origins. I recommend you do if you happen to be in Cambridge. The store is really pretty, a stunning gold sink sparkles in the corner whispering the promise of treatments and sampling of the products which are displayed around the store. It helped that it was also bedecked with bouquets by VV RavenVV Raven, our floristry expert for the session and guest florist in store for the weekend.

origins mask

We were welcomed with prosecco and cake and before long found ourselves volunteering for the skincare demonstration. This was great for me because it gave me the opportunity to try a wide range of products and ask plenty of questions despite looking a little daft in the charcoal mask! I am becoming quite interested in skin care especially natural skincare that uses botanics, flowers and natural remedies, particularly those without parabens so I was pleased to hear about their natural approach to skincare, ‘harnessing the power of plants’.


We then got a floristry demonstration from the super talented Jo Thorndike from VV Raven. I loved her passion for British grown flora and fauna because I share it and love seasonal flowers. When I got married, almost 7 years ago now, my specification for my bouquet was for it to look like it could have been scooped up in a British garden and for it to largely be British grown flowers in season. The aroma and colours of the flowers we got to play with in store were wonderful, eucalyptus and tulips being favourites.


After this we had tailored facials and hand massages before a spot of shopping and testing out the Kisszing lip pencils in our goody bags. The range recommended to me was their Perfect World range (because I’m trying to hide the first, more likely most recent, signs of aging, gah!!) and I am still amazed at the difference it made to my skin now 3 full days later. Having recently been converted to the benefits of toner (I genuinely thought it was just expensive water before, so naïve) I am now also learning the wonders of serums. I’m just a Mum whose skin needs some loving! I’d love to hear your skincare hints and tips, loves and loathes, drop me a line below!

This is not a sponsored post, I just genuinely had a fabulous afternoon and came away feeling very pampered so I thought I would share my discoveries on the blog.


Delighted with my flowers!



Flower and Gold in a lolly!


origins sign




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