Brilliant books for under 2’s


It is World Book Day today, up and down the country families have been creating book themed costumes and I’d bet a fair amount of gin/wine/beer/whisky was being consumed last night as parents tried to finish last minute costumes or try and come up with something out of loo roll. That will probably be me next year but as my daughter is not yet 2 we are just focussing on the physical book side of things, although I might dress her up as Harry Potter (again….), and I thought I’d share five of our current favourite books.


First up is my wild card, Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots as it is the only one that isn’t a board book. My Dad bought it for my daughter when he was in America. I love it because it explores the idea that Princesses are more than dresses, princes and castles and actually, yes, they do wear hiking boots, climb trees and, perhaps most importantly, do chores! I think my daughter loves it for the animals and the mirror at the end if I’m honest.


How to Hide a Lion is a real gem, a little girl called Iris befriends a Lion on the run who has a penchant for hats and napping. The illustrations are lovely and it is a great book for any little person who has recently discovered lions and roaring.

If you are at the phase of teaching pleases and thank yous then Little Friends say…Thank you! is the perfect book for subtly reinforcing that and putting it in context. It’s also just a lovely book. The story is about a birthday party, it has animals, hats, instruments and flaps to lift and what little person doesn’t love a flap!?


I wanted to be an archeologist when I was little so I have this weird desire for my daughter to like dinosaurs. This dinosaur picture book has been a winner recently as we moved away from our touchy feely dinosaur book and onto this one with a bit more to read and explain in it. It includes dramatic moments such as ‘This ankylosaur is being attacked by some raptors.’, you’ll have to get the book to see what happens, no spoilers here!

Finally I had to include one of our firm favourites, The Highway Rat, it is a classic from Julia Donaldson but doesn’t get the same love as The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom and Stick Man. It is a fab book to read aloud and there are some nods to The Gruffalo within the illustrations. He’s a cheeky little rat and while I know the duck did the right thing I feel a bit sorry for the rat at the end. Currently a day does not go by without a request for the ‘Highway Wat’.

I am always on the lookout for fab new books so please do comment with any recommendations or thoughts. Have you ordered any of this years World Book Day books? I have ordered Everyone Loves Underpants, because everyone does love underpants right?!

*This is not a sponsored post, I just love books. Please excuse my terrible iphone photos*





9 thoughts on “Brilliant books for under 2’s

  1. A Little Bit Lost by Chris Haughton is a current favourite here, and (just ordered it because Nana’s copy is such a winner) Shirley Hughes’ Alfie Gets In First. And there’s no going to bed without Julia Donaldson’s The Singing Mermaid (which doesn’t get a parental vote!)

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    1. A Little Bit Lost looks lovely and we do love an owl story! Looks like a lovely series of books, the Bear one looks like a good bedtime story. The Singing Mermaid looks super colourful which I know Newman would love plus there is a mermaid in her Lost My Name book so she would probably be interested to see another one. Thanks for the fab suggestions!


  2. Eli currently can not request books yet and seems happy with whatever we select, which means he often gets to hear all the formula one updates! I will check out your recommendations next time we are at the library. We have a lovely book about sleeping called ‘how do giraffes take naps’ that we like to read at bed time and the storybook Bible is great.

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  3. Make the most of being in charge of book choices! We are now at the point where we get a hearty ‘Again!’ at the end of a book and before you know you’ve read it a million times and don’t even need to look at the pages anymore 🙂 We love giraffes so I’m going to look that one up! x


  4. Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots sounds like a great book with a great message. I’ll have to check that one out.
    I used to work in a primary school and Giraffes Can’t Dance was always a favourite.

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