Love to read…

instagramMy daughter loves books, so do I. So it’s no surprise that one of my favourite things is reading with my daughter but lately I haven’t been great at reading for myself.

I was part way through a strange spy novel when I went into labour with my daughter and, needless to say (or is it just me?!), it was at least a year later when I finally finished it. I’m a bit stubborn like  that, I had to finish it. I managed two more books last year. For some reason, after evacuating a living human being from your body and addressing the issue of keeping said human alive and happy and oh and you know maybe leave the house from time to time, I found it hard to find the time, energy and focus to read!

So, this year when a friend asked if I fancied doing a Book Challenge I immediately signed up. I wasn’t about to attempt the 50 she is aiming for so I settled on 12. One a month seemed a fair approach and actually so far I have managed 3 and am reading two more. Turns out I can rise to a challenge.


I won’t get too bogged down with reviews for now but here’s how I am getting on. I loved Life After Life by Kate Atkinson so the first book I read was A God In Ruins which I thoroughly enjoyed and couldn’t put down, both are particularly fascinating if you are interested in WW2. Taking a dramatic change in period and opting for a selection of short stories I read Snowdrift and Other Stories by Georgette Heyer, I enjoyed dipping into Regency drama and the short stories made it easy to pick up and put down plus it has a beautiful cover. Leaving fiction behind I moved on to Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, a fab kick up the bum to get on with embracing your own creativity.

I’m including The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh in my book challenge as we are currently reading this at bedtime and I haven’t ever read it the whole way through before. I wasn’t sure how Newman would get on with it as there are not that many pictures to explain the stories to a 20 month old but she always asks for more and now loves the characters as dearly as I do. Finally, I am also reading The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry, it’s a fascinating read and quite different to anything I have read before.

I’ve decided that if I want Newman to continue loving books and reading then I have to show her how much I love them too. We love taking her to the library and the book shop and giving her the opportunity to choose books. I’ll dig out some of our favourites and share them soon too.

While we are discussing books, I have just seen that The Big Issue have just launched a campaign to fight for our libraries and demonstrate the importance of books and literacy, check it out using #WhyBooksMatter

Have you read any great books lately? I’d love some recommendations!




2 thoughts on “Love to read…

  1. Dear Catriona, I would recommend Ruth Ozeki’s “A Tale for the Time Being” for the wonderful story and Signature Shakespeare’s “Much Ado about Nothing”, because your photos hint that you might like hardcover editions and these are the most beautiful Shakespeare tomes I have seen in years.


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